So funny story with this blog post. Two years ago I spent the summer in Denver just to immerse myself with the culture and have access to the Rocky Mountains to do some more landscape photography. While I was there I subleased a room through a friend I met in the festival scene. Little did I know one of the people I was rooming with at the time, a music producer who went by the name Benoit, would later change his name to Mersiv and blown up like he has.

Fast forward to last month, I was brought out to shoot for a double headlining show that included Mersiv, only I didn’t realize my friend had changed his name to Mersiv. So seeing a familiar face just made shooting this show all the more enjoyable. Mersiv to some people is next Bassnectar. I wouldn’t put that claim pass him, Mersiv brings the bass and he brings it hard. Don’t sleep on this artist if he is ever in your area.


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