So funny story with this blog post. Two years ago I spent the summer in Denver just to immerse myself with the culture and have access to the Rocky Mountains to do some more landscape photography. While I was there I subleased a room through a friend I met in the festival scene. Little did I know one of the people I was rooming with at the time, a music producer who went by the name Benoit, would later change his name to Mersiv and blown up like he has.

Fast forward to last month, I was brought out to shoot for a double headlining show that included Mersiv, only I didn’t realize my friend had changed his name to Mersiv. So seeing a familiar face just made shooting this show all the more enjoyable. Mersiv to some people is next Bassnectar. I wouldn’t put that claim pass him, Mersiv brings the bass and he brings it hard. Don’t sleep on this artist if he is ever in your area.


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Dead Hot Sergeant Peppers”

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting a fantastic band from Maryland for their Halloween series closing show.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, just from the name has become one of the most popular and fun funk jam bands to hit the jam scene.

From headlining their own tours and festival Domefest to other jam based music festivals across the country. These guys are always a blast to shoot, from their expressions to the enticed crowd. A pigeons show is something you never want to miss!

Graduation Sessions – Chelsea

High school and college graduations are considered milestones in people’s lives. I love when I get to do portrait sessions because you’re not restrained for time or at the mercy of a lighting designer. It also forces me to be more creative because there are so many photographers on the market and for my own personal goals, I want to stand out.

Working with my good friend Chelsea was a fun shoot. I had a lot of settings to work with at the University of Georgia and the city of Athens. Chelsea was also a very easy personality to work with. We did the basic shots, but she was also very open to my ideas working with anything we saw could be fun.


Trail to the Woods

Living in Texas for the past two years,  I often found myself in the city of Austin not only because it is the live music capital of the world, but more so to develop personal relations within that music scene to further myself in shooting music and events.

Back in April I had the opportunity to cover an official pre-party for Backwoods Music Festival, a not too largely known music and arts festival held  in Oklahoma  on Mulberry Mountain. The pre-party, advertised as “Trail to the Woods” was hosted by one of Austin’s on the rise music venues, Scratchhouse.

Lineup: Ryan Viser | Linear Symmetry | Steve Sullivan of Audyssey Music | Vince Seidl of Resonant Frequency | Casual T| Ben Buck Beatbox

Live Artists: Joel Painted This | Pandora Star | Vegas


The Bishops

My personal friends. Austin natives. The most genuine “on the rise” hip hop sibling trio artists I have had the pleasure of knowing and even traveling with.

Energetic, fun and overall groovy flows to make you want to bounce and dance around to the music. These are artists you want to keep an eye on as they continue to rise.

Shout out to The Bishops for having me document them at SXSW this year.



Phantogram has been on my favorite artists list for quite some time. The fusion of electronic with punk rock style vocals and instrumentation performed by Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel are out of this world. Also, their amazing stage presence makes for a great photo opportunity.

I’ve seen this duo on multiple occasions, but their SXSW show at Native Hostel has topped any other space.