My name is Jason Huynh.


Born and raised in Georgia and currently residing in the city of Atlanta, Jason can be described, when first meeting, as an extremely affable person. Initially self-taught in photography for the past five years, he has since continued to hone his skills and learn videography at Berry College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual communication. From hobby to passion, photography and video has fueled his nomadic nature, taking him across the country and world to shoot all sorts of events and environments. Jason while versatile in shooting different subjects he found his niche in events, music and scenic photography. Trained in an journalistic approach to imagery, his work is often used to tell a story.

JTH Visual, uses Jason’s initials as a more personable  method of branding for his work. This site serves to exhibit and promote his passion and work. If you like what you see and watch then feel free to get in touch with Jason through the contact page for answers to your questions, interests and needs.