Local Natives

One of my favorite indie bands that I’ve followed since college years, celebrated their 10th year at SXSW at one of the most intimate venues in the venue. Needless to say it was a fantastic experience to see these guys live for the first time in a setting that they don’t commonly play anymore. Local Natives are one one the most wholesome bands out there.


Vietnam and Thailand


Summer 2017.

When thinking of other places and people we tend to collectively categorize people based on their origins and appearances. We also tend to think that they have totally different lifestyles than we do because they don’t believe in the same gods or have the same celebrities and entertainment.

After my trip to Thailand and Vietnam, I could see that that way of thinking is wrong. We are people first and when you realize that you are able to see that our cultures are more synonymous than one thinks. The culture of going out with your friends, dancing to club music, exploring nature, it’s all the same as us who enjoy those things in the U.S.


Close friend and phenomenal producer, Cody Mason is an upcoming artist in Austin, Texas who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. From playing at different events and parties to opening and collaborating with other local musicians to putting together Austin’s weekly premier house music party, Cozymason is not someone you want to sleep on in the near future.

Familiar Faces

Over the years, I’ve met some really solid characters that I’ve had the pleasure to call my friends. These people keep me mentally healthy and put a smile on my face whenever I see them, so it’s fun and the least I can do when I get to shoot some familiar faces.

Featured Friends: Alexis | Cody | Stuart | Chelsea | Christian | Sabrina | Tatyanna | Mitza | Carson


Being born into the big city, I’ve always had a love for it, but being raised in a small town after only spending a few years in it had given me a curiosity of it that I feel you can only get from living outside city peering in.

I like to split my time up within bustling cities and serene natural landscapes. A big reason being is that cities have this marvel that I can’t look away from. From the way it functions to the surreal architecture and wonder of how men and women came to conceptualize beautiful structures.

Featured cities: Atlanta | Bangkok | New York City


One thing that I have learned to love in life is the earth. Traveling all over the world has opened my mind and eyes to see the beauty of the natural world. From the sky to sea to fields to mountains, I have gone to great steps and through crevices unknown to get the shots that truly display mother Earth in her greatness.

Featured destinations: Green Belt in Austin | Rocky Mountain National Park | Multnomah Falls Oregon | Roxborough State Park